Featured Senior


Sophie is, smart, fun, compassionate, beautiful Bayfield High School senior. She brought her favorite things in the world to her photo shoot…her babies, (lol, her horses!!)  Ruger and Pal. It was a blast capturing Sophie galloping with Pal through the meadow and skillfully riding backwards, laying down, on Rugers back. Then to finish out, elegantly standing in a freezing cold river.  We had so much fun photographing! As one of the top players on the Bayfield High School soccer team, she is a role model and amazing team mate and friend. Sophie just returned from a volunteer trip in Mayto, Mexico which is just outside of Puerto Vallarta. During her trip she worked at night with other volunteers and staff to help save turtles! She would relocate the turtles eggs to the camp because locals would eat the eggs.  You are amazing, Sophie!!!  We love you!