CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a SENIOR! We're so thrilled that you are considering us for your Senior Pictures! We LOVE what we do. We love to show people how amazingly incredible they are. We love to have FUN! It is so awesome to bring out and show your confidence, your belief in yourself. To let who you are, shine through in your images. We want to show off your spirit, your youth and your love for life! Our job is to show how fabulously beautiful you are and to create an experience you will never forget… something that you’ll remember even when you’re old and gray!

We are so excited to offer Magazine Style Airbrush Makeup!  You choose from a natural look, all the way to looking like you stepped out of a high fashioned magazine!  Combined with our technical expertise, we have found that professional makeup makes all the difference in creating amazing images.  We are the original studio in the four corners to offer airbrush makeup.  Best of all, our makeup artist is also a 12-year photographer.  Therefore she understands makeup, not only from a cosmetology perspective but from a photography perspective as well.

We are a boutique style studio.  That means we are NOT a volume studio! We only accept a certain number of clients each month, so we can focus on you.  We will walk you through every step of the process, from the time you inquire through the consult and your session, to viewing your images!  We will help you with clothing choices, how to wear your hair and your makeup as well as what your imaging your portraits to be.  We would never just throw your images on a website and leave you to figure it out as some photographers do, it's the hardest and most confusing part!  We will have your own private showing where we will assist you in selecting your products that will showcase your images.

Our mission is to create art that takes your breath away - filling your home for years to come!  Our favorite part is when our senior see their portraits for the first time and squeal with delight... or cry because they didn't know they were THAT beautiful!  It makes our heart sing... it's our favorite part.

We can't wait to photography you!