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Cardwell Aukerman Photography has always celebrated Success. Those who cherish their dreams above all else.

The Senior session has always been about the EXPERIENCE.

•Experience: creating compelling works of art that document the your free spirit, your love for life, your individualism

•Experience: capturing the moments of seniors being themselves

•Experience: create an unforgettable experience that reflects your personality and tells your story

At Cardwell Aukerman Photography, we accept only a limited number of High School Seniors each year in order to provide our clients with a one-of-a-kind completely customized storytelling experience.

We can't wait to create something amazing for you!



Supermodel Session

Our most popular session!

4 hours (2 hour photo shoot)
30 minute pre-session consultation
professional hair and magazine style flawless AIRBRUSH makeup
unlimited locations within the allotted time
unlimited outfits within the allotted time
1 hour premiere ordering session

(no minimum)


The 8 HOUR premium session!
one hour pre-session consultation
professional hair and magazine style flawless AIRBRUSH makeup.
Carol Cardwell photographs your session.
Lunch for up to 4 people.
Redo your hair and freshen your makeup for your personalized Couture shoot!
Unlimited outfit wardrobe changes and locations
two hour premier ordering session.

(minimum $1500 portrait purchase)


The Guy Session

1.5 hour photo shoot
30 minute pre-session consultation
unlimited locations within the allotted time
unlimited outfits within the allotted time
1 hour premiere ordering session
(no minimum)


30-minute photo shoot
one in town location
one outfit
1 hour premiere ordering session

(no minimum)



Contact Us To Begin Your Experience 

Contact Us To Begin Your Experience 



"My senior shoot was a blast! I really loved being the center of attention and being photographed in my favorite clothes. Carol is so funny and extremely easy to relate to and talk to, she’s a true professional. My pictures were fantastic. Carol never ceases to amaze me, I truly saw my personality in my photographs, and I’ve never felt so beautiful." -Katie Doughty


"Photographing with Carol and her team is truly amazing! Carol is absolutely amazing. She is spunky, witty, and funny! We get along so well and she makes posing and felling comfortable so easy! ! I loved diversity of the session.  I am absolutely blown away by my pictures and I get sooo many complements on them! Carol not only helped me recognize my outer beauty but also my inner beauty and confidence as well!" -Bridget Nistler


"I had so much fun taking my senior pictures with Carol! Carol made me feel really comfortable in front of the camera.  I love that Carol took pictures of me with my dog Coco because my puppy is very important to me.  My senior pictures are something that I have looked forward to for such a long time! Now that my turn finally came, I could not have asked for a more enjoyable experience.  The pictures are amazing!  I can hardly wait to take more pictures with Carol with my family.  I will absolutely recommend Cardwell Aukerman Photography!" -Emily Bauer 


"My experience with Cardwell Aukerman Photography has been life changing. Every photo shoot is a new adventure within itself and is super fun and thrilling.  Some of my favorite parts about the sessions was when I walked knee deep into the freezing cold animas river and splashed around while Carol laughed and took pictures of me. Another favorite memory of mine was during a model photo shoot at Purgatory  when she had a couple models and myself walk up a hill in high heels linking arms. The laughter and the struggles we all experienced walking up that hill made me laugh and made it one of my favorite memories. I felt so thrilled to have my senior pictures be done by her. The environment she provides is always so welcoming and is full of laughs and giggles during every minute.  When everything was said and done, my pictures were so beautiful and I instantly fell in love with them. The way she put the lighting and the different angles made them so unique. I would highly recommend Cardwell Aukerman to my friends.  She is such a wonderful person with such a bubbly personality that I would recommend her to everyone I know. " -Whitney Huckins


"It was so cool to work with a professional photographer like Cardwell Aukerman Photography! I’ve never done anything like this before and it has been so fun being able to work with someone as amazing as Carol! Working with Carol was amazing and her pictures are absolutely breathtaking! I would definitely recommend Cardwell Aukerman to my friends. The pictures are incredible and amazing! Cardwell did an amazing job with my pictures and I was very impressed with the quality and the overall turnout."-Callie Huckins


"I had so much fun taking photos with Carol! We were giggling and laughing the whole time, but there were also a lot of serious moments that Carol captured. We laughed a lot about how when I was changing one of my outfits during my senior session, my shirt was on backwards! Carol pointed it out while she was photographing, and we laughed about it even later when we were looking at the pictures. Carol was the sweetest too...we laughed a lot and made a lot of jokes throughout the session, and she has an amazing eye for pictures.  I had a great time and the pictures were incredible and it was awesome because my mom and I both got to choose pictures that we loved. I would definitely recommend Cardwell Aukerman to my friends, because I had such an amazing experience and I know that with Carol, they would too!"-Natalie Sewre