Featured Senior


Natalie is a 2017 Durango High School Senior who describes herself as “bubbly, social, and fiercely loyal” to the people who mean the most to her and play the biggest part in her life – her giant family and closest friends. Photographing her, she proved to be all of these things and so much more. When I first met her she seemed reserved, thoughtful, and quiet but after our first shoot she had so much to share. As one of Cardwell Aukerman Senior Models, we really got to know Natalie and bubbly charisma that made her so much fun to photograph!!! She shared stories with us about her trips to the her parents cabin and summers in Wisconsin. Natalie told us all about how her friends pulled her out of her comfort zone and created some of the best memories. Natalie was so much fun to photograph and get to know! She without a doubt is destine for greatness.