Meet Miss Mira! She is passionate, cheerful, magnificent and so much more than just those words can describe! We loved working with her on her senior photo session! 

Aquatic Dreams

Mira is a passionate and avid swimmer, and she has been part of the varsity swim team at Durango High School for the past 3 years. I am so impressed that she can go an entire pool length under water!! I can barely dog paddle! 

We Are SEEN Model

Mira, a senior at Durango High School, was part of our We Are the SEEN model program. This program gave Cardwell seniors the exclusive opportunity to be seen nationally. Participants in this program had the opportunity to travel around the country with us and be featured in SEEN Magazine. Other perks included an exclusive chance to enter a monthly national contest to be featured on the Seniors Ignite website. We are proud to participate in the Seniors Ignite model contest and have had TWO national winners so far! I am so excited for Mira as she enters the national model competition! 

Mira’s Senior Photo Session  

We had so much fun photographing Mira in the mountains surrounding her family’s summer cabin. From serene shots by the lake to spirited poses in the woods and majestic mountain backdrops, we loved capturing Mira from every angle. For her shoot she brought a wide range of outfit changes and from elegant looks to jeans and a t-shirt she pulled off every look with style and finess! 

Mira In Her Free Time

Mira loves hanging out with her friends, going to Friday night football games, and being part of the school spirit. She also loves spending time with her family/ hanging out with her mom (lol)  and spending time up at the lake where it’s peaceful and quiet. 

A Bright Future for a Bright Teen

After high school, Mira is looking to go to college and then medical school to pursue becoming a doctor or another career within the medical field.  Mira, you rock!  Thanks for such an amazing and fun time photographing you!!! xoxo