Featured Senior


Say hello to Lauren all the way from Texas! This girl is the ultimate combination of beauty and brains! She is athletic, ambitious, creative, and she is super involved in her school! Lauren has loved playing basketball since fifth grade, but she also loves volleyball, tennis, track, cheerleading, gymnastics, and being a part of the student council. 

Choosing the Right Photographer

Lauren and her family have traced from Texas every year since she was a child to vacation in scenic Durango, Colorado. When it came time to have her senior portraits done, they just knew it had to be here in Colorado, where the family has spent so much time together. 

From her Texas home, Lauren surfed the web, searching all of the Durango’s photographers. In the end, after an exhaustive search, Lauren decided that she loved our portraits the most!  We are so honored that she chose Carwell Aukerman photography to capture this milestone moment for her! 

Lauren and Her Vacation Senior Photos

We chose to photograph Lauren at the same location where her family has vacationed for years. The scenic grounds hold so many memories for her, and it was a place she felt right at home. She and her family have such a close bond, and it was such a joy to photograph her in a place with so much meaning to her and her family! 

From flowering brush to majestic pines and flower fields to babbling brooks, no matter the location, Lauren’s inner beauty shines unmistakably, and her caring soul and passion for God radiate! 

It was an honor to meet her and photograph her at the spot where her family has vacationed and built memories since she was a little girl. I have no doubt that Lauren will do absolutely amazing things! You are so beautiful, Lauren!