Featured Senior


Say hello to the lovely and rare gem that is Jael! A Durango High School Senior, Jael is fun to be around and radiates beauty and joy from the inside out!

You Belong Among The Wildflowers

Oh my goodness. I don’t even know where to start! A senior session in a sunflower field! A senior session filled with wildflowers in the late afternoon! This senior photoshoot was the stuff that magic and dreams are made of. 

Jael, you are as lovely inside and out as the wildflowers we photographed you with and we are thrilled with just how beautifully your wildflower-filled senior session came together. I can think of no better backdrop for such a natural beauty. 

While we worked the summer sun felt like it was part of the team, lighting and capturing Jael’s essence in every single shot and pose we tried! 

Jael, I’m blown away by you. You shine so brightly and live life so fully. You’re beautiful inside and out. Never lose your contagious energy and joy. Stay lovely. Keep smiling and making the world a more beautiful place! We are so honored that you chose Cardwell Aukerman Photography for your beautiful and unique senior photo session! It was a true pleasure to work with you to capture and preserve these cherished moments. We wish for you a future as bold and bright and beautiful as a sunflower! 

Photographers Note

Whenever I stop to think about it, I feel so fortunate that I get the privilege of taking photos of high school seniors. This is such a beautiful moment in time as each teen stands on the cusp of adulthood with their whole lives ahead of them. But blink and you’ll miss these moments, and we feel that it is so important to invest in capturing, and preserving them for times to come. 

I genuinely hope the photos that I, and the memories I capture serve as a reminder to each person I photograph that they are loved, beautiful inside and out, and valuable.

Much love,