Featured Senior


The amazing Chloe is a Senior at Durango High school where she loves to play lacrosse and participate in theater. Chloe is very outdoorsy and also likes to go hiking and kayaking. Her family and friends are a big part of her life and she loves to spend time with them. After high school Chloe plans to go to college and pursue a career in International Relationships, and even travel the world some day. During Chloe’s senior photo shoot with Cardwell Aukerman Photography she felt like she was in a good hands,  she loved getting her hair and makeup done because she had never had it done professionally, she said made her feel like Katniss from the Hunger Games! I was really impressed with Chloe and how ambitious she was, she knows exactly what she wants in the world, and it’ll be exciting to see just what it is she wants.