We’d love to introduce you to Bridget! She is a kind, brilliant, and completely unforgettable 2017 senior from Bayfield High School.

All About Bridget

The first thing you absolutely need to know about Bridget is that she loves chicken wings! Seriously, they are her passion lol! But her foodie passions don’t end there because making cookies is also in her top ten list of favorite waist to spend the day. 

Her love goes beyond food, too. This fun and funky teen is a huge nail art fan and says she would never be seen without her nails painted! Her other loves include ice skating and the unforgettable Elle Woods (of Legally Blonde.) 

Bridget’s Senior Photo Shoot

For this boisterous and beautiful Durango senior, we did a world tour, of Durango, that is! We shot in fields of flowers, downtown business doorways, hidden rooftops, picturesque parks, over bridges, and more. This session was all-encompassing, lasting the whole day through with photos taken indoors, outdoors, day and night! What a whirlwind session we had, from senior portraits to hoping in on her friend’s photo shoot. Bridget was so much fun to photograph!

Bridget’s Bright Future

This bright teen is out to leave her mark on the world, and, like her idol, Elle Woods, she plans to prove the world wrong! She’s heading off to college to be a political analyst. Bridget says, “Even though everyone I tell this to gives me puzzled looks, just like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, I’m going to prove them wrong.” 

She uses her passionate faith to motivate her and uses self-imposed challenges to excite herself in everything she does. Bridget is the true embodiment of “blondes have more fun!” She was a wonder to shoot and kept me laughing the whole time. I CAN NOT wait to see where life takes her! You rock, Bridget!