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Durango Family Photographer – The Mulkeys

Michelle and Dwayne are two of the most precious and giving people in the world. Their love for their family, community, and church is evident in everything they do. It was a delight to photograph my precious friends. Their beautiful Fine Art Print hangs majestically over the fireplace. Lol, Michelle still thinks I’m crazy but she loves me anyway. 🙂

Durango Family Photographer_0010.jpg
Durango Family Photographer_0006.jpg
Durango Family Photographer_0002.jpg
Durango Family Photographer_0003.jpg
Durango Family Photographer_0004.jpg
Durango Family Photographer_0009.jpg
Durango Family Photographer_0008.jpg
Durango Family Photographer_0007.jpg
Durango Family Photographer_0005.jpg

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