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​​**Please list ​​5 words/phrases that describe your child.

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adventurous, affectionate, ambitious, artistic, athletic, authentic, beyond fabulous, bold, brilliant, cheerful, caring, charismatic​, cheerful, compassionate, confident, courageous, creative, dedicated, deeply-_____, determined, disciplined, diplomatic, dynamic, easygoing, extraordinary, generous, gentle, genuine, giving, happy, hard-working, hilarious, imaginative, incomparable, free spirited, friendly, fun, fun loving, funny, inspirational, intelligent, kind/kind-hearted, loyal, loving, magnificent, optimistic, original, passionate, philosophical, playful, people loving, quick-witted, remarkable, sensitive, sincere, smart, sweet, straight-forward, tenderhearted, tough, thoughtful, vivacious, warmhearted, wise, witty, wonderful

**What are they involved in and for how long?

**​​What are they passionate about/love. (Note: Could be some of the same as above) When did they first start doing/loving their passion(s)​?​

Where are the going/hoping to go to college? (Could be non-applicable, so just write N/A) What will they be studying? What do they want to do as a career?

What is special about them?

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