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Welcome to the website of Durango Colorado premier photographer, specializing in High School Senior Pictures and Scenic Family Photography!

We are honored to be one busiest and most sought after photography studios in Durango Co and the Four Corners. We love what we do! We are one of the most experienced and popular photographers in the area, photographing full time professionally for over 18 years. We know that it’s about being beautiful, relaxing and having fun. The bottom line is not our bottom line. We care about our clients and know that every detail and moment is important. Having your pictures taken should be a fun experience, tailored to you and what makes you happy. We know how to make your session relaxing and fun. We know how to create a great time during your session, that exceeds your expectations. We laugh a lot! People say we are awesome at what we do and capture the essence of who you are. Call today to experience something truly different; a fun and stress free session that captures the quintessence of who you are.

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Carol is wonderful! For all my photo-shoots, we had so much fun, she knows exactly how to bring out your full personality, and capture it just right! Between her and Tiffany, taking Durango senior portraits was more like taking amazing pictures with friends! I think I probably laughed majority of the time throughout all my shoots, it was always such a good time! I couldn't be happier with the work she did for me, my pictures turned out amazing, thanks to an amazing photographer! Carol, Tiffany, and Courtney were all great to work with, it was a blast! Cardwell Aukerman Photography is an amazing company that produces beautiful work!


This Durango senior photo shoot was amazing! Even though it was raining, Carol knew just where to take great photos. She is an amazing Durango Senior photographer and the photos are beautiful! I was so excited that everyone who works with Carol at Cardwell Aukerman Photography is so professional and they know exactly what they're doing and know how to take amazing senior photos! I'm so glad I got the chance to take them with Carol and Cardwell Aukerman Photography! LOVE them!


My Senior Session was a very exciting experience! I had an amazing time! I loved getting to walk around and take senior photos in Durango and feel amazingly beautiful! Carol loved doing neat and unexpected things. Carol and Tiffany were Amazing!!!

My very favorite part was getting my hair and makeup done! Tiffany was fun and bubbly and always wanted to make sure you were comfortable with what she was doing to your hair and face.

Cardwell Aukerman Photography is an amazing place. I truly loved my experience with every part of the team.


I was a little nervous going in but as soon as we finished up, I was really excited with the outcome! I loved the way Tiffany did everything with my makeup. Carol was really funny and made it wayyyyyy easier to be comfortable and have fun taking my Durango Senior pics. We got along amazingly!!! The best part was getting to see the sneak peeks of certain shots. It was definitely cool to see and try different poses that I wasn't sure about, but when seeing the sneak peeks, they were awesome! I loved the whole experience! The team at Cardwell Aukerman Photography are a funny, outgoing group of people that I enjoyed being around and they do a great job at what they do. I would recommend anybody and everybody to do any type of Durango photography with Cardwell Aukerman Photography!!!


I loved the experience of having my Durango Senior pictures taken! What an awesome way to spend the day! Carol was so enthusiastic and made me feel beautiful the whole time! The best part was finding new and exciting places to take the pictures in Durango! I loved this session and I can't wait for another!

I loved getting my hair and makeup done by Tiffany because she made it fun and I could tell she knew what she was doing. I loved my hair and makeup! I have never had anything like that done and the makeup and different hair made me feel so pretty! Thanks Tiffany!

Carol and Tiffany are AWESOME!!! Anything that has to do with these lovely ladies is WORTH IT!!!


The Durango senior photo shoot was so FUN!! Tiffany and Carol and the whole crew are absolutely AWESOME! It was an awesome experience. Having my hair and makeup professionally done was different but fun and super cool. The airbrush is definitely high end. I so loved that everyone is so personable and funny. The photo's are so much better with Cardwell Aukerman Photography! I'm so excited about the whole thing!!! SO lovely.


My Durango Senior Session was super fun! I went into my first senior photo shoot nervous and unsure. I came out at the end confident and a little sassy! Carol is spontaneous and electric which made my experience amazing. To be professionally photographed is addicting! Cardwell Aukerman Photography take amazing photos! The whole family is extremely hot! AND… they have FUN!


I got to the studio and I was actually pretty nervous because I didn't know what to expect. But Tiffany and Natalie immediately made me feel comfortable. Natalie worked on my hair and Tiffany worked on my makeup, and honestly, I felt like Katniss from the Hunger Games! I've never gotten my makeup done before, but I had seen it in the movies where someone has one person working on their hair and one person on your makeup. A moment in the life of a model! It was wonderful and cool to see that the makeup reads differently on the camera than it does in the mirror! Carol and Tiffany definitely know exactly what they're doing!


"Carol and Tiffany have been photographing our family for four years now! They have done an amazing job with Durango childrens photography of capturing the tender moments of infancy, the innocence of toddlerhood, and the joy and discovery of the preschool years. What a beautiful job catching the spirit and essence of my daughter! Thank you Carol and Tiffany!"~Jennifer Rasmussen

"Oh my gosh my newborn photography pictures are amazing and adorable!! Thank you so much!!! I love them all!!!"~Raven Finegan

"We received our full order of our Durango 50th anniversary photography last week in perfect condition. They are beautiful. Our large family print went up over the mantle immediately and looks fabulous! Thanks ever so much for a fabulous job. You and Tiffany's patience with all 42 of us was miraculous."~Chase & Marie Lichtenstein

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. I know we will cherish them forever. Thank you again for everything. You did a beautiful job! We LOVE the pictures. Our Durango family photographer did such a beautiful job!!! Thank you thank you thank you!"~Katherine Cox Ansley

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time yesterday. You are an amazing Durango family photographer. That photo shoot meant the world to me, I think only another mom can really understand the importance of family pictures. Again, thank you. You are a Fabulous!!"~Penny Fisher

"The 2 hours that I got to spend with Durango High School Senior Photographer Carol Cardwell and Tiffany Aukerman was awesome, from shooting at the stairwell to the recruiting center, it was all a blast! The senior portraits that my family got from Carol were outstanding! Way more than we expected! If I were to do it all again I would do nothing different! I highly recommend Carol and Tiffany!!!!"~Cody Durango High School

"Durango Childrens Photographer Carol Cardwell and Tiffany Aukerman exceeded my expectations. My family and I are from Alaska and were only going to be in Durango for the week of Christmas. I decided that I wanted professional photographs of my daughter. This talented duo got priceless shots of my daughter that my husband and I will cherish forever, despite the cold my daughter was fighting at the time. Because of these two Durango professional photographers I will always have the memory of my little, baby girl at four months of age. I truly feel blessed to have stumbled onto their website and into their studio."~Sara Talus

"My Family and I have just got our Durango Co pictures done. Great Job Carol. You are one Awesome Family and newborn Photographer. We are more than pleased. You have my vote for the best Durango Photographer in Durango, Colorado. I could only imagine how your Durango Senior Portraits would look like. Once again Thanks Carol. This was truly Durango Photography at its best!!!"~Craig and Ashley

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